Our mission is to enhance the world of TV advertising.
The smartclip Addressable TV Platform, explicitly built for the TV industry, brings digital advertising and analytic solutions to linear TV and unlocks new potential for broadcasters and advertisers. As a leading technology company for video advertising on all screens, smartclip opens up the latest field of TV advertising – Addressable TV.



Digital technology for broadcast TV advertising

In the European addressable TV market, the merging of linear TV with digital ad technologies is driven mainly by the spread of Smart TVs and the pre-installed HbbTV standard. Based on this technology standard, the smartclip Addressable TV Platform provides additional advertising opportunities and revenues, programmatic buying solutions, new audience insights and 1:1 marketing on the big screen. Since our platform is explicitly designed for the TV market, it considers existing commercial practices, enables more analytic capabilities and provides seamless integration into TV systems and processes.

Benefits & Opportunities


The smartclip Addressable TV Platform enables real-time ad-server based ad integration in linear TV via proprietary platform technology. Broadcasters are able to exploit their customers’ potential and generate new ones thanks to individual target group delivery, creating new ad formats and achieving better performance optimization.


With our product portfolio, broadcasters are able to gain new audience insights based on technical measurement and anonymized data. Full inventory control and detailed insights provide media owners with own data for program analytics and ad selling.


smartclip provides a fully integrated platform solution with integration into existing inventory management and scheduling systems. Broadcasters and advertisers are empowered with tools for workflow automation and data-driven decision-making, getting prepared for real-time programmatic TV.

Platform & Products


The smartclip Addressable TV Platform is a comprehensive, flexible solution covering the complete process – from integration through linear TV logistics to ad-server based ad delivery. With our clear focus on workflow automation, programmatic buying solutions and data-driven decision-making, we open up new advertising opportunities and revenue potential for the TV advertising industry. The full, dynamic integration of the smartclip framework into TV scheduling systems ensures that the additional ad formats are only delivered within defined time frames. The smartclip Addressable TV Platform covers full ad logistics, with ad serving and decisioning, ad operations, and ad management, as well as measurement and reporting of TV reach and usage data. The result is a completely new advertising workflow and revenue potential, thanks to in-depth analytics.


The smartclip Addressable TV Platform merges the reach of TV and well-known TV ad formats with individual target group options based on ad-server technology and anonymized data. For broadcasters, addressable TV provides a new revenue stream in addition to conventional commercial ad breaks. Advertisers benefit from a greater advertising impact thanks to individual ad delivery, for example target group delivery, frequency capping or regional targeting. The automation of TV ad delivery workflows ensures the most efficient implementation and execution of this new business strategy, covering the complete cycle – starting with the advertiser request, to media plan deployment, campaign delivery, and reporting. The smartclip Addressable TV Platform connects media owners’ inventory with advertiser demand and brings TV advertising to a new level, combining high reach with the intelligence and precision of digital advertising technology.

smartclip TV Analytics for broadcasters

As TV sets get smarter, broadcasters are coming into position to gain valuable insights on their audience based on technical real-time data for the first time. With our Addressable TV Platform, we provide access to this new data. Media owners get full online access to their own data dashboard and are able to analyze their audience and TV program consumption – in real-time and beyond standard metrics.
For the first time broadcasters can analyze user-anonymized reach and usage data based on actually switched on TVs – providing them with powerful tools for program planning and ad selling.

About Us


Founded in 2008 as an independent company, smartclip provides long-term experience in the development and implementation of digital video ad solutions across all screens. After pioneering the TV market with Smart TV advertising in 2010, smartclip introduced the first Addressable TV Platform in Europe in 2014. Combined with SmartX Platform, our own programmatic multiscreen video SSP solution, we are preparing our publisher and broadcaster partners for the future: real-time programmatic TV.


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